Tricoleur Cutting Board


Our Designer Boards come in 4 varieties, all of which measure 20” x 16” x 1.625”.     Our Maple/Cherry and Maple/Walnut boards each feature 11 staves of alternating wood species beginning and ending in Maple. The Racing Stripe Board has a Cherry-Walnut-Cherry stripe centered in a Maple background. The Tricoleur Board has an alternating pattern of Walnut/Maple/Cherry to create a subtle reference to the French flag. Julia would be pleased! As on all of our boards the adhesive on the Designer Boards is an SK-8 glue which is food service safe. The boards are finish sanded at 150 grit. All of our boards are dipped in a high-grade mineral oil and allowed to dry overnight before shipping.

All Designer Boards can be ordered with a trough or “juice groove” option.

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