Proper Care Guide

Mineral oil is the most traditional finish for a cutting board. Out boards come with a fresh coat of mineral oil which is applied 24 hours before shipping. Mineral oil seals the pores of the wood which restricts the penetration of moisture thereby extending the life of the board.

While mineral oil is a great finish, it does require occasional maintenance. The frequency of re-oiling is dependent on both the environment and the frequency of use. The owner of the board should be sensitive to the color and the feel of the wood. When it begins to look dry it's time to re-oil.

Apply a generous coat of mineral oil and allow it to penetrate for five minutes. Then simply wipe away the excess. We advise oiling all of the boards' surfaces - front, back, and sides.

DO NOT use any oil made of vegetable or animal fats. These run the risk of going rancid and can pose a health risk if used. Mineral oil remains safe throughout its life. Pure mineral oil is available at your local drugstore or can be ordered from East Bay Cutting Boards. To clean your cutting board from normal day-to-day use, simply wash with soap and warm water.

DO NOT put your board in the dishwasher.

Apples peeled and an apple tart on a striped designer cutting board